Julie's Journal

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hi. I am new to this whole blogging world. Well, new to the actual posting my own thoughts. Not new to being a silent reader. My favorite blog is www.amalah.com I have been reading hers for about a year and a half now. I came across her thru www.snarkywood.com Isn't crazy how you feel like you know someone, even though I have never spoken with her. At all. Ever. I think I may have left a comment on one of her blogs....maybe...once.......probably when Noah was born.....but not quite sure. Since then, she has introduced me to a world of blogs. I have laughed, cried, almost peed on myself more that once, been so happy/sad/devestated for people I don't know more than most people that are in my daily "home" life. Then I started reading blogs at www.clubmom.com I great collection of sites. All moms, all of the time! Since I am a mom, I decided I would fit right in, right? I found a connection with Jennefer at www.threesons.clubmom.com She is waiting to get final travel dates for adopting a little girl from Russia. She already has 3 sons. What a wonderful person to be able and willing to do this for someone else....yeah, I guess she gets something out of it too!!!
Ok, That is a short summary of what got me to this point. Starting my own blog. I am not a writer. I have not gone to college. I am not the best speller, but I will try my bestest! (That is a joke, you can laugh now.) Will anyone besides me ever read this? Don't know. Does it matter? Nope. Just want to be able to write a few things down and get them out of my head cause there are already WAY too may voices locked up in there. And they so need to be heard!!
I am married. Almost 10 years now. I have three children. Taylor is 14. She is not of my blood, but she should have been. A bit of a drama queen! Savanna is 9. Again drama queen, but 100% my DNA. My son, Zachary is almost 7. As crazy as it may seem, he is about the most normal in the house. We also have Boudreaux, a 2 year old English Bulldog, and Mickey, our 10 month old Chihuahua. They are brothers from other mothers! They love each other. And yes, the chihuahua is in charge! Gotta go!